The Sleeping Diary

The App

Daily recording of medically relevant data on your sleep behavior and easy evaluation in clear graphics.

How does the SomnoDiary app work?

Every day you answer questions to your sleeping pattern in the App. These questions cover all relevant parameters, which you would also find in a “normal” sleeping diary. With this data, a graphical evaluation is generated to give you a fast overview about your sleeping habits.

Our Payment Model

Free service provided for a limited number of entries and paid service for professional use.

How much do I pay for the extra service?

As of now the professional use costs 4,99 Euro per month. In some cases, the costs can be borne.

For Physicians

Central access on up-to-date data of all patients and interface to your current medical office software.

Which advantages offers SomnoDiary for you work?

Through a dedicated website doctors can access all their patient’s data, which priory agreed on that. Data no longer has to be copied manually from sleeping diaries, but can be imported in all common applications. The graphical analysis give a fast overview, while tabular and statistical reports allow a detailed evaluation of the sleeping patterns. For sufficient documentation data can be exported as csv file and stored in the patience file.

Dr. med. Holger Hein, Internist, Respirologist, Allergist, sleep medical specialist

It is a program for the systematic recording of sleep and wake-up times, as well as sleep-latencies and night-time wake-up phases, by means of an internet-based smartphone application.

The software is easy to install, the data entered by the patients can be shared by them to the physicians, which are also registered in the software.

The display of the recorded sleeping parameter is very clear, it provides a tabular view, as well as an overview graphic. The data can be exported.

Frequently asked questions


Where can I download the App?


Visit this link and click "Install" to install the app directly on your smartphone.

Alternatively, you can access the "Play Store" app on your smartphone, then click the "Search" icon at the top, right-hand edge of the screen, and enter the search field "somnodiary". Then click on the search result "SomnoDiary" and then "Install".

If you have problems with the installation, please contact


Is the App for free?


The app is for a limited number of entries free. It shows the last 7 entries. With an upgrade, which you can buy within the app, this limitation is lifted. Sleeping data will then be shown unlimited.


How can I create a user account?


You can create a user account directly in the app as a patient. On the login screen, click "Register" and enter your user data. Then click on the "Register" button to create the user account.

As a doctor, please use this website and click on "Register" at the top of the screen. In the following window, enter your user data and choose "Register as a doctor". Then click on the "Register" button to create the user account.


Which questions do I have to answer in the App?


In the app, you answer medically relevant questions to the respective night. This includes information on falling asleep, sleep period, waking up, and possibly naps.

You evaluate your sleep both objectively with specific times, as well as subjectively with an estimation of felt sleep duration and quality of sleep.


Which advantages does the app has for me as a patient?


You can monitor yourself by using the app, accessing extensive statistics, and providing the data to your treating physician.


Can I restore my data, in case my phone got lost, damaged, exchanged etc?


Yes, the data are stored centrally and after successful authentication in the app you can recover your data on any phone.


How do I profit from SomnoDiary as a physician?


As a physician you can, after the approval of the patient, directly access all up-to-date sleeping data, get graphics and statistics, as well as exported data for your patient file. You will get a good foundation for your evaluation of the patient and save time and money.


Why are the data stored centrally on a server?


Storing the data on a server allows, after approval of the patient, the physician to access the data. Also, this is the only way to ensure that your data does not get lost and you have always full access.

The storing and transmission of the data is always done over an encrypted connection on encrypted servers, which are located in Germany and are therefore subject to german data protection law. So, your data are safe with us.


Who can access my data?


App data can only be accessed by the App users. Nevertheless, over the app you have the option to grant access to your physician. Access can be withdrawn by the user any time too.


May I share my data?


Of course, you can make the data available to physicians. Also, the private sharing of your data, as well as sharing off all original graphics and statistics is allowed. Only for commercial and research usage an approval is necessary. You may contact


How can I delete my account and my data?


Please write a short email to, containing your registered email address, you patient ID (shown under “Settings” in the app), as well as your first and last name.


Privacy policy

The personal data, entered in the app are transmitted in encrypted form to store and process on servers of the STRATO AG. The servers are located in Germany and subject to German law. the data is saved encrypted and protected from third party access. Without the explicit order of the user, no data is transferred to a third party. Storing the data on a server allows, after approval of the patient, the physician to access the data.

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The personal data entered in this app are transferred to STRATO AG servers for storage and processing. The servers are located in Germany and are subject to German data protection law. The data are encrypted and protected against access by third parties. Without the explicit order of the user, this data is not passed on to third parties. The storage of the data on a server provides the possibility to give the treating physician access to the data after approval of the patient.


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